In this special Bend & Blaze Nidra edition, we’ll flow through an all levels Hatha class to prepare the body and mind for a deep relaxation as we end with an extra special and extended savasana, lead by Liz Focht

Yoga Nidra, also referred to as “yogic sleep” is that moment right before you fall asleep. You’re aware of your body, heavy and relaxed. All your worries are shifted to the furthest corner of your brain. Yoga Nidra leads students on a journey through consciousness, to areas of the subconscious where deep healing and transformation take place. Think of it as an antidote to our modern lifestyle. 

Because Yoga Nidra is practiced in corpse pose, students should feel free to bring anything needed to be as comfortable as possible - cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, soft eye masks, favorite pillows or blankets - the goal is to completely dissolve into the practice.