Recruiting high-quality talent is a difficult task for any company, but in the cannabis industry we all know this is a particularly challenging issue. To combat this problem, Cultivated Synergy and Ms. Mary Staffing have teamed up to help YOU connect and recruit pre-screened industry talent for your business.

We specialize in connecting the industry and The Hemp & Cannabis Career Fair was created in order to connect companies in our industry to BETTER talent and EXPERIENCE that generally isn't encountered with your average applicant base.

Upcoming Career fairs

Denver: October 7th
12pm - 4pm

Want to Get Involved? 

Presenting Host $1200 (2)

- Premium sign placement at event
- Premium, highly visible booth space at event
- 12'x10' booth space
- Exclusive access to Ms. Mary's Staffing Client database (50,000+ Job Candidates) 
- Digital media outreach
- Premium logo placement on all marketing
- Inclusion in 10k+ subscriber newsletter
- 1-year inclusion on Cultivated Synergy website

Hiring Supporter   $350 (20)

- One six-foot table at the event
- Digital media outreach
- Logo placement on all marketing
- 1-year inclusion on Cultivated Synergy website

Virtual Supporter   $150 (10)

- Logo inclusion on all marketing and promotional material
- Opportunity to market hiring needs at the event without having physical presence
- Collect interested applicant resumes and application information

"I am so very happy Pure and Colorado Cannabis Company had a chance to participate in Cultivated Synergy’s THC Career Fair this past February... Eager candidates were lined up at every booth and the couches were occupied with people sitting down for on-the-spot interviews, or filling out applications. What was even more impressive was the talent pool! These were people who got up, got dressed, and came serious and prepared for work. There were so many people there from so many different professional backgrounds-- It was truly a breath of fresh air. We were very lucky to not only get exposed to this type of crowd, but to also have the opportunity to engage with them. The entire event was very well-organized and a smash success in our books. We are grateful to Cultivated Synergy, as well as all the other hosts and we hope to be at many more in the future!"                                                              
- Julia Lee  (Retail Operations Manager)