Welcome to the Cannabis Buyers Alliance, a monthly wholesale marketplace to explore and interact with the industry’s top selling, up & coming, and innovative brands and products. This special B2B focused event will be an exclusive affair for vendors across our industry to educate and market their products solely to decision makers across the retail landscape. You can expect a room full of engaged dispensary owners, managers, and purchasers eager to learn about and try your product.

To attend this monthly event, attendees must be pre-qualified through an application process. Our goal is to create an effective and tight-knit event where attendees and vendors alike can trust that they are solely interacting with other decision makers within the cannabis & hemp supply chain. By creating an environment where retail purchasers can come to a “wholesale marketplace” in order to educate themselves on new products or compare similar products to what they are already carrying in stores. Plus, with the opportunity for retailers to place at the event, you can close sales on the spot and deliver the next day, adhering to all legal requirements.

Want to get involved?

Supporting sponsor $1,000

  • Basic 6’ booth space located in lounge area of event
  • Priority banner placement of 2 banners outside of booth area. (hanging: No larger than 2.5’x4’)
  • Priority logo placement on all marketing and promotional material for event
  • One-year priority logo inclusion on Cultivated Synergy website and back- linked to destination of your choosing
  • Priority Logo placement on digital media outlets within Cultivated Synergy facility (6 months)
  • Opportunity for 5-minute speech to event audience/ability to interact and engage on some deeper level than booth space
  • Dedicated social media post (Instagram + Facebook)(Content must be provided at least 1 week prior to event)

C.B.A Vendor  $800

  • Basic 6’ booth space located in main area of facility
  • Banner placement behind/in-front of booth (No larger than 6’ wide)
  • Logo placement on all marketing and promotional material for event
  • 4-month logo inclusion on Cultivated Synergy website
  • 4-month logo inclusion on Digital Media within Cultivated Synergy facility