This private paired tasting tour featuring 710 Labs is an unforgettable experience melding food, flavor
and cannabis in entirely new ways.


How does Dab & Dine work?

Step 1:  Round up some fellow coworkers and join us for a sensory exploration of terpenes, delicious cuisine and elevated learning. Each group will enjoy a guided tour of 4 strains paired with complimentary nibbles. 

Step 2: Pick your preferred start time. The tour is roughly 1-hour from start to finish.

Step 3: Arrive at your scheduled start time with your ticket and valid 21+ photo ID.  Enjoy touring the room and tasting your way through this elevated educational experience! Visit the 4 pairing stations, each of which will feature a different 710 Labs product paired with a bite-sized treat that embraces, compliments or mirrors the flavor of each terpene profile.