This private paired tasting tour featuring Concentrate Remedies is an unforgettable experience melding food, flavor and cannabis in entirely new ways. 

June 30, 2018
BRUNCH Pairings - 11a-1p


How does Dab & Dine work?

Step 1:  Round up some fellow coworkers and join us for a sensory exploration of terpenes, delicious cuisine and elevated learning. You'll enjoy 3-4 featured products paired with complimentary nibbles. 

Step 2: Pick your preferred start time. The self-paced tour is roughly 1-hour from start to finish.

Step 3: Arrive at your scheduled start time with your ticket and valid 21+ photo ID.  Enjoy touring the room and tasting your way through this elevated educational experience! Visit the 4 pairing stations, each of which will feature a different CRx product paired with a bite-sized treat that embraces, compliments or mirrors the flavor of each terpene profile. 

About Head of Honey Products

Honey Buckets

Our Honey Buckets are our flagship product and are a combination of HTFSE and HCFSE in the same ratio dictated by the cannabis plant. After extraction we give our THCa crystalline as much time as it needs to grow and separate out from the supersaturated terpene solution. The end result is super clear, well faceted, THCa crystalline with beautifully colored low viscosity terpenes. These two isolates are then packaged together affording the consumers the option to choose for a more flavorful dab, or more cannabinoid driven high.

Terp Sugar

While our Honey Buckets showcase our “diamond tech” the terp sugar is a more nuanced product highlighting the flavor profile of the cannabis plant. Terp sugar is composed of fine granulated THCa awash in a layer of HTFSE. The cannabinoids and terpenes form a more homogenized product which is often easier to use for newer dabbers. Due to the higher concentration of terpenes in this product we recommend that it be dabbed at a particularly low temperature so as not to overwhelm the pallet or lungs.    

The Engagement Ring Box

It is our belief that diamonds should come in engagement ring boxes and that is what we have modeled our live product packaging off of. Opening a gram of Head of Honey should be the high point in anyone’s day and part of that experience begins with opening the box itself. Our holistic approach to business mandates that our quality of product, quality of packaging, and quality of customer service are always aligned and fall on the high end of the spectrum.