Hosted by: Cultivated Synergy & Rocky Mountain Extracts

This hour-long guided tour is an unforgettable experience melding food, flavor and cannabis in entirely new ways. Round up a group of friends or collegues and join us for a guided sensory exploration of terpenes, delicious cuisine and elevated learning.

First Stop: The Terp Table

Terpenes have been found to be essential building blocks of complex plant hormones and molecules, pigments, sterols and even cannabinoids. Most notably, terpenes are responsible for the pleasant, or not so pleasant, aromas of cannabis and the physiological effects associated with them.

At the Terp Table your group will learn about terpenes in their natural form from plants like lemons or pine trees, as well as cannabis-derived terpenes. Start by smelling cannabis and learn to pick up the subtle notes of each terpene in the strain’s profile.

Next Stop: The Featured Strain Tour

Approachable cannabis education meets an epicurean excursion.

Terpenes are found in varying combinations that give each strain its unique personality including flavor, smell, effects, and medicinal potential. Explore the flavors and learn about the effects of each of the 3 featured strains.

Here you’ll enjoy the featured cannabis-derived terps paired with a prefix menu of gourmet cuisine that embraces, compliments or mirrors the flavor of each strain. Then we’ll dive into further detail on the effects of different cannabis terpenes, strains to look for with similar terpene profiles and food and flavor pairings.

How does Dab & Dine work?

Step 1: Round up a group of friends.

Step 2: Pick your preferred start time. Tour start times are offered at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. The guided tour is roughly 1-hour from start to finish.

Step 3: Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Tours begin promptly at your scheduled time.

Step 4: Enjoy this elevated educational experience!

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