Hosted by: Cannabis Marketing Association

Dispensary Decisions: How do brands get shelf space?

This panel of experts will discuss the retail environment in the cannabis industry. Specifically touching on the highly competitive environment for brands fighting for shelf space. Questions that will be addressed include: How do brands get on dispensary shelves? What is the best way to communicate with store owners? What are dispensary managers looking for when deciding what products to sell? The experts will also discuss current sales trends in the industry and predictions for the future. Product managers, sales teams, and retail staff will benefit from attending this educational and informative panel.

The panel will include:

Daniel Weiss, Sale Representative, BOSM
Derrick Levy, Regional Store Coordinator, b.good
Skip Stone, CEO, Stashlogix

There will be time to ask the expert panel questions, so come ready to learn about what it takes to get your brand on the shelves from the pros themselves.