Hosted by: Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA)

MCBA and McAllister Garfield, P.C. are helping to seal cannabis and other convictions in legal-market cannabis states. When cannabis is made legal, people convicted of cannabis offenses prior to legalization still carry the negative stigma of cannabis convictions. While the cannabis industry profits, a specific group of people targeted in the failed war on drugs continue to suffer the negative consequences of cannabis criminal records, including denied jobs, financial aid, housing, and, in some cases, the right to vote.

Do you have an arrest without a conviction?
Do you have a successfully completed deferred judgment?
Do you have a drug offense conviction or city ordinance conviction?
Do you have trouble getting a professional license because of your record?

We can help!

Part of MCBA’s mission is to combat the consequences of the war on drugs. In service to that mission, they will be holding their inaugural Denver Record Sealing Clinic. On March 24th, participants can come and learn how to seal, or potentially expunge, their criminal records under CO law to help remove barriers to employment and housing...for FREE!

Colorado lawyers will be present to explain the process to interested people. You will be able to run background checks to find out exactly what prior criminal charges might be able to be sealed. The clinic will provide people with information and forms to begin the sealing process, all for free. In some cases, some expedited filings will even be paid for by the organizers, thanks to sponsorship from Drug Policy AllianceJade Insights and Denver Relief Consulting.