Memorandum of Understanding

Cultivated Synergy works to remain a comfortable and productive work setting for all members and guests and it shall remain an essential duty for all members to ensure it remains that way.  We strive to foster a workspace that provides an experience that is both engaging and synergistic, as well as highly focused.  Make sure you have a positive impact on those you share the space with by being respectful and courteous.

Facility Guidelines

  1. Conserve and Sustain. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  2. Be friendly and courteous to other members.
  3. Don't be shy and possible miss an opportunity! Introduce yourself and connect other member.
  4. Respect the space and practice leaving no traces in communal areas after use.
  5. Respect other Member's personal property. Theft and damages will be taken very seriously.
  6. Return all community supplies after use, please.
  7. Please ensure ALL guests sign-in upon entering the space. Gust sign-in is located upon entry.
  8. Respect others personal and communal space as your own.
  9. Please be aware of your noise and its potential impact on others working around you. If a member is nearby and you receive a call, we ask that you please step into a conference room or away from others before proceeding.  
  10. Please only smoke in designated smoking areas at all times. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the proper receptacles. 
  11. Please do not practice solicitation in the facility. We strive to provide an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual opportunity and your help with our efforts is much appreciated!
  12. You are not allowed to share facility keys or access codes with anyone, ever.
  13. Please respect the appropriate restrictions while in the facility. Adhere to the specific hours of operation for your membership, and respect the areas of private access in the building at all times
  14. Our venue prohibits any illegal activity or actions deemed inappropriate by its guests. Illegal or inappropriate activity may result in removal from the facility.
  15. If your workspace is in a mezzanine area, please remember to keep the mezzanine access doors locked behind you.
  16. Reserved Desk and Office Members: When accessing the facility and your office on weekends or outside of business hours, please lock the front door behind you. Please remember to turn off all lights and lock the doors behind as well. 

Workspace Hours

  • Lounge Package: Monday- Friday: 8:30am- 5:30pm
  • Open Desk: Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 6:00 pm
  • Reserved Desk & Private Office: 24/7 Access** (Excluding access during private event rentals.)

Guest Sign-In

We welcome guests and love to have them visit the space, however, we do have one small favor to ask upon their arrival. Please note that all guests visiting the space must fill out the guest sign-in form located at the entryway to the facility. Thanks!

Your Keys, The Lights & Parking

Upon your welcome tour you received a set of keys and shown all of the facility lighting necessary for your use. We ask that you please not share or copy these keys with or for anyone other than you and team members if applicable. In the instance a key is lost, please notify a Cultivated Synergy team member and we will replace it as soon as possible. The keys provided give you access to your accessible area included in your member package. We ask that you please use your designated areas at all times please. If you are the last member to leave an area, please turn off all the lights in an effort to conserve energy.

Event Sign-Up Procedures